Family-Led Business Transformation

We work with family businesses in creating robust governance, organization, processes and culture to ensure business  longevity.

Our suite of services in Family-Led Business (FLB) Transformation


Kognoz helps you create a map for your professionalization initiative, helping you induct professional talent at the right level and places, given your family reality and structure. Our services include:

a. Professionalization readiness assessment
b.Professionalization strategy and implementation
c.Organization design (for induction of professionals)
d. Professional capability assessment, induction and creation


For families to have sustained business success in the second, third and fourth generations, we help you look at, articulate and integrate with your family vision and values, as also long-term family priorities. We help you create processes to induct new family members to the set of espoused values in a systematic manner. Our services include:

a. Family Practices Assessment
b. Values & Purpose Articulation and Deployment
c. FLB Strategy Articulation and Deployment
d. FLB Management Systems Implementation
e. Family Council Creation, Management & Facilitation


Articulation of the family constitution in line with the legal entity structures and systems on one hand and family vision and values on the other and crafting the family council structures, roles, responsibilities, forums and agendas. Institute processes for family leadership development and succession planning to best suit the business growth and family vision. Our services include:

a. Next-Generation Capability Development and Coaching
b. Succession Management Planning and Implementation
c. Family Talent Induction & Grooming
We at Kognoz inspire and enable our clients to make a difference by co-creating and collaborating in delivering tangible and implementable solutions. We love what we do, and work with passion in driving real-time change.

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