Kognoz Learning Academy

Kognoz Learning Academy helps you to build functional and business capabilities. We focus on enhancing your on-work effectiveness in new age technological ecosystem like Artificial Intelligence and Digital Environment. Kognoz Learning Programs are designed to give you cognitive, behavioral and functional capabilities to work in a higher subject matter expertise environment, providing you lateral management and design thinking skills that help professionals succeed in the competitive environment.


Kognoz Business Enabling Programs
Kognoz Certification Programs
Management Development Programs

Design Thinking to transform your customer experiences

LEAN Implementation in Action
Consultative Capability to Enhance Managerial Impact
Design Thinking to transform your employee experiences
Competency Based Interviewing
Conducting Development Dialogues and Providing Constructive Feedback through Appreciative Enquiry
Creativity, Problem Solving & Decision Making in the Digital Environment
Action Coaching and Mentoring
Influencing in the Information and Digital Age
Strategy, Innovation and Leadership in the Digital Environment
Leadership Competency Assessments
Resolving Conflicts Effectively in High Stake Environments
People Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in HR
Competency Design and Implementation
Tiding over the Five Dysfunctions – Leveraging Positive Team Dynamics for High Performance
Transforming your Business by putting Strategy in Action
Facilitating Large Scale Internal Change
Creating, Developing and Leveraging Trust Based Relationships at Work
Neurolinguistic Programming in Action
Dialoguing Skills to Manage Matrix Environments
Transactional Analysis for Effective Relationships and Collaboration
Business Transformation through Technology
We at Kognoz inspire and enable our clients to make a difference by co-creating and collaborating in delivering tangible and implementable solutions. We love what we do, and work with passion in driving real-time change.

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