Wide Shouts Designs is an agency that communicates a story for every brand though their work. They help brands BUILD from scratch by providing them with branding services. Creating brand awareness is the next step on the journey they plan through the services of Print Design, Digital Design, UI/UX, Website Development and Content Curation. In order to help brands, grow in the market, they also offer the services of Digital Marketing.

They conduct Personality assessments that are designed to uncover traits like instinctive urges, natural impulses and other default traits through a specialized set of questions. At TalentClick, we focus our employee assessments on predicting strengths AND risks, and by providing results that are relevant to the workplace.

Talent-Click employee assessments provide business intelligence to help with decision support in hiring, training, and performance management.

Each employee personality report contains actionable feedback and recommendations to reduce risks involved with making people decisions. All of TalentClick’s employee assessments uncover strengths and risk areas through predictive analytics.

An employee experience platform that enhances productivity , enables continuous performance & drives engagement in an effective way. A SAAS based tool, they are nimble & flexible, with a superior interface & a rich feature set. They dock on to any system with quick & seamless implementation, making ROI sky-rocketing.

Offers the following features:-
• Objective setting & check-ins defines and measures your organizational, team and personal objectives – with the ability to continuously update progress and seek feedback as and when objectives are completed.

• On-going reviews assesses individuals, teams and departments on objectives, skills and competencies that focus on development, planning and course correction.

• Crowd-sourced recognition fosters a positive and collaborative work culture – by recognizing individuals and teams on an ongoing basis.


We at Business Psychologists combine business acumen with cutting edge psychology to provide you answers to your Leadership strategies and people potentials.

They help you solve your business issues with Individual Psychology and make your Leadership predictable.

With extensive experience of manufacturing processes and practices, ClairViz has developed robust, reliable and scalable products for “Smart Manufacturing” .Their products are enabling customers to achieve quick ROI and delivering profitable sustainable Data Driven Growth.

Also provide deep insights (actionable and meaningful) into end to end functioning of factory processes and hence help clients achieve sustainable profitable growth through data driven intelligence and make them more competitive and efficient while delivering products exceeding customers expectations

We at Kognoz inspire and enable our clients to make a difference by co-creating and collaborating in delivering tangible and implementable solutions. We love what we do, and work with passion in driving real-time change.

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