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Our People Consulting Services help you transform your culture, assess & develop your management & leadership capabilities, enhance your employee experience and help you establish a differentiated employer brand. Research is at the core of all our people solutions to bring simplistic and impactful solutions that make a business impact.


  • The Kognoz Action Coaching helps transform behaviors based on 3E journey helping one create practical, focused and right mix of Experience, Exposure and Education. Our core competence is to ensure direct action and on the ground implementation


The Kognoz Assessment Centre  is a research-based mix of online and offline scientific simulations and assessments which focus on creating impactful developmental insights

We work with global organizations to bring the best assessment solutions for your leadership, senior, middle and junior level talent.


  • Leadership and Mentor Development focus on all aspects of a leader’s growth including cognitive, emotional and behavioral transformation to deal with the fast changing business, people and demographic paradigms in digital and automated environments.


Kognoz career pathing solution is embedded in the levels of Work and cognitive capability paradigms and we help you design micro career and succession paths in a technology-based solution, that helps you visualize and implement differentiated careers for your employees. The solution is driven by micro-experiences and individual choices and organization needs at the same time.


  • Kognoz helps you articulate and cascade your shared culture, values, vision and mission synchronizing and unifying, your whole organization energy to a common theme. We leverage Large Scale Interactive Process (LSIP) and other mass-psychology led methodologies in articulating and shaping your organization’s core purpose


We help you enable a culture, based on your core values and vision. Our solutions help you create micro-experiences and people practices that build a culture of trust and camaraderie enhancing people productivity and engagement.


  • Our methodology ensures an end-to-end alignment of your organization’s mission in a systematic manner to implement the strategy in action. STRATEGY – ALIGN is a 6-step process that makes sure your organization takes your business growth strategy to action in a time-bound manner.


Kognoz performance eco-system is created to align individual’s goals across the organization’s spine both vertically and horizontally by deploying various goal commitment and alignment methodologies. We leverage our partner technology platforms in ensuring the right implementation.


Kognoz organization design solution is based on the modern digital paradigm and is a research-based solution aligning the best of Human Capability and Artificial Intelligence. We have created Job Evaluation, Role Profiling and Organization Structuring capabilities harnessing the best of Digital, AI and human capability.

The solution considers LEAN and Digital in action to create delivery units which are more autonomous, and system based rather than supervision based. The Kognoz Job Evaluation methodology is based on the modern AI and automation realities.


Kognoz helps you transform your people policies, processes, systems and practices into micro-experiences.

Our design thinking led solutions on micro-experience help you achieve a lot more through your people practices and help you become a great place to work, delivering your organization’s employee value proposition and branding requirements.


Kognoz helps you create a distinct employer brand and employer value proposition to attract and retain the best talent. We put you on a journey to become a great place to work. The solution focuses on brand creation and cascade strategy led by execution. The Kognoz communication team is equipped to help you with all your branding and communication needs.


Kognoz helps you invest in developing and delivering a strong EVP assisting you in attracting significant talent and boosting employee engagement by:-

Using a combination of diagnostic and sensing methods to design a distinctive value proposition for your organization

Help you articulate your EVP into accurate and compelling people programs and practices that are consistently reinforced internally and externally

Assist in execution and tracking new solutions to close gaps in the EVP and move closer to stated goals

We at Kognoz inspire and enable our clients to make a difference by co-creating and collaborating in delivering tangible and implementable solutions. We love what we do, and work with passion in driving real-time change.

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