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We can help you sustain results and create a systems-led growth to enhance your funding opportunities. On your journey to become a large organization, you go through several rounds of funding and growth. As you attract the first rounds through a Venture Capitalist or Private Equity firm, the next round of growth depends on your capability to create system-led growth and sustenance of your results.

Kognoz Start-up Systems is a business system pack specially designed for start-ups to adopt simple business processes that make you scalability ready by:-

• Value, mission and strategy articulation and cascade – Kognoz helps to look into the future , define aspirations by visualizing and articulating what the organization intends to achieve

• Value Stream Alignment – Kognoz assists organizations to accurately visualize the whole value stream and provide them visibility on how business value is created and focus on the fast flow of value through the value streams

• Organization and Process Alignment – Kognoz helps create an aligned organization by creating and communicating a clear vision for change so individuals can see how it impacts the business—and them specifically. and ensure continuous building on change , so that the organization doesn’t slide back into old ways

• Simple Business Systems – Assisting organizations in creating systems in alignment with the goals of the organization by building value and leveraging the resources required for continuous process enhancement

• Authority Delegation Practices – Kognoz equips startups with best practices for delegating using the 4 step delegation process through structured thinking

• Process & Systems Deployment – Helping solve the toughest management problems through prioritizing and outlining requirements over a series of stages in the growth journey of a startup

Helping you attract the right capabilities as you prepare to scale. We help you activate a trust-based culture and create engagement platforms that help your organization attract best talent. We help you implement simple people practices that create a trust-based culture and ecosystem. Simplicity and high-impact solutions for day-to-day employee experiences is the differentiation our practices can bring.

• Building values and trust culture

• Employer Value Proposition (For attracting Talent)

• Employer Branding & Communication

• Trust based People Practices (for retaining talent)

We at Kognoz inspire and enable our clients to make a difference by co-creating and collaborating in delivering tangible and implementable solutions. We love what we do, and work with passion in driving real-time change.

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